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Manage URLs and Anchors Effectively

We’re referring to an “URL / Anchor set” as a combination of a target URL and an anchor text, where the URL is the specific web page address and the anchor is a set of words used as a link to that URL.

For example, consider the following:

  • URL: https://posticy.com/agency/on-page-seo/
  • Anchor: On-Page Optimization

When you combine these, you have an “URL/Anchor set”:

<a href="https://posticy.com/agency/on-page-seo/">On-Page Optimization</a>

This URL/Anchor set can be inserted into your article, allowing readers to click on the “On-Page Optimization” link to access the content at the specified URL ( https://posticy.com/agency/on-page-seo/ ). This approach improves the user experience by providing descriptive anchor text while also directing users to relevant content.

Within a project, you can include multiple “URL/Anchor” sets, and for each set, you can add articles.

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