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Understanding Order Statuses for Publishers

Here at Posticy, we are dedicated to providing Publishers like you with the necessary tools to efficiently oversee and track orders. This commitment is reflected in our implementation of status labels, which serve as invaluable indicators of an order’s progress.

Let’s delve into each status label to gain a deeper understanding of what each signifies:

  • Received: This status is assigned when you receive a publication proposal from a Marketer. At this stage, the proposal is under your review, and you are considering whether to accept or reject the article publication request.
  • Accepted: If you decide to approve a Marketer’s article publication proposal, the order status will be updated to “Accepted.” This indicates your endorsement of the Marketer’s request. The next step involves the Marketer making a payment deposit to advance the project.
  • Rejected: In the event that you opt not to proceed with a Marketer’s proposal, the order status is marked as “Rejected.” This status communicates to the Marketer that their proposal has been declined, and the project will not proceed.
  • In Progress: After accepting a proposal and receiving the Marketer’s payment deposit, the order status transitions to “In Progress.” At this point, your task is to publish the article and share it with the Marketer to confirm completion. To do this, simply click on the “Mark as completed” button and send the published article URL to the Marketer.
  • Pending: Once you have submitted the published URL to the Marketer, the order status changes to “Pending” This indicates that the Marketer is currently reviewing the published article.
  • Revision: If the Marketer requests revisions during the five-day review period, the order will be placed in the “Revision” status. 
  • Completed: When the Marketer accept completion the order status transitions to “Completed,” signifying the successful completion of the order.

As a Publisher, having a firm grasp of the various order statuses is paramount for effectively managing your interactions with Marketers. By becoming familiar with these status updates, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the ordering process seamlessly.

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