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Understanding Status Labels of Articles

At Posticy, we continuously strive to enhance our platform to better serve our users’ needs. Our latest updates focus on providing more flexibility and clarity in managing and tracking your articles throughout the entire content creation and publication process. This guide will detail the updated status labels for articles and the new editability features.

Article Status Labels

Understanding the status of your article is crucial for effective project management. Here’s an overview of each status label and its significance:


  • Description: This status applies to articles that are saved within a Project or in the ‘My Content’ area but have not yet been used in a campaign.
  • Editability: Articles in this status are fully editable, allowing for creation and refinement before any publication proposal is made.

In Progress

  • Description: This status is assigned to an article once a publication proposal is submitted to a publisher and is under review.
  • Editability: Articles in this status are now editable. This recent change allows marketers to make revisions based on publisher feedback during the pre-acceptance phase. However, changes are not tracked by the system, and publishers are not automatically notified of these edits.


  • Description: This status is given to articles that have been successfully published and for which the associated order is completed.
  • Editability: Once published, articles cannot be edited to maintain the integrity of the published content.

Enhanced Collaboration and Flexibility

The recent update to allow edits during the ‘In Progress’ status aims to enhance collaboration between marketers and publishers. This flexibility is crucial for implementing feedback, making necessary revisions, and increasing the likelihood of proposal acceptance.

Note on System Capabilities

While the platform now allows edits during the ‘In Progress’ phase, it’s important to note that the current system capabilities do not include tracking these changes or automatically notifying publishers about the edits. Users are encouraged to communicate any significant changes directly with the publisher to maintain transparency.

Posticy is committed to providing a user-friendly and efficient platform for content creators and publishers. These updates to article statuses and editability features reflect our ongoing efforts to improve the user experience and facilitate successful collaborations.

For any questions or additional support, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We are here to assist you in navigating these updates and ensuring your success on the Posticy platform.

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