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User Role-Specific Features

Posticy offers a robust platform that caters to the unique needs of two primary user roles: Publishers and Marketers. This article outlines the distinct features and functionalities available to each role, ensuring smooth and efficient interactions within the Posticy ecosystem.

1. Publisher Role:

  • Publication Proposals:
    • Receiving Proposals: Publishers receive proposals from marketers to publish articles on their websites. They can review these proposals and decide whether to accept or reject them.
    • Notification System: Upon receiving a proposal, publishers get a dashboard notification and an email, ensuring they are promptly informed.
  • Article Publication Process:
    • Initiating Publication: Once a payment deposit is received from the marketer, publishers are authorized to start the publication process for the article.
    • Reviewing the Article: Before publication, publishers should ensure the article aligns with their standards and guidelines.
    • Completion Notification: After publishing the article, publishers need to notify the marketer by marking the order as completed and sharing the published article URL.
  • Payment and Transaction Details:
    • Payment Deposit Confirmation: Publishers receive notifications confirming the receipt of payment deposits from marketers.
    • Earnings Details: Each notification includes details like the article title, marketer’s name, order details, publication price, and payment ID.

2. Marketer Role:

  • Publication Proposals:
    • Submitting Proposals: Marketers can submit publication proposals to publishers for their articles.
    • Acceptance and Rejection Notifications: Marketers are notified via dashboard and email whether their proposals are accepted or rejected by publishers.
  • Payment Process:
    • Making Payment Deposits: Upon proposal acceptance, marketers are required to make a payment deposit, following steps provided in the notification.
    • Confirmation of Payment: Marketers receive a confirmation once their payment deposit for article publication is successfully received.
  • Tracking Publication Progress:
    • Publication Initiation: Marketers are informed when publishers initiate the publication process.
    • Status Updates: They are kept updated about the status of the article’s publication and receive a final notification with the live URL link once the article is published.

The Posticy platform is designed to facilitate seamless interactions between publishers and marketers. By understanding and utilizing the role-specific features, users can efficiently manage their publication proposals, payments, and communication, ensuring a smooth and productive experience on Posticy.

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