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What is a Posticy Publisher?

A Posticy Publisher is a participant in the Posticy platform who owns or manages a website where articles can be published. In the context of Posticy, a publisher plays a crucial role in the article publication process. Here’s a general outline of a Posticy Publisher’s role and responsibilities:

  1. Receiving Publication Proposals: Publishers receive proposals from marketers to publish articles on their websites. They can review these proposals, which include details about the article and the marketer’s intentions.
  2. Decision Making: Publishers have the authority to accept or reject publication proposals based on their suitability for the website, alignment with their content standards, and other criteria they deem important.
  3. Publication Process: Once a proposal is accepted and the payment deposit is made by the marketer, the publisher is responsible for initiating and completing the publication process. This involves ensuring the article meets their publication standards and guidelines.
  4. Communication: Publishers are expected to communicate with marketers, especially regarding the status of the publication process. This includes notifying marketers once the article is published.
  5. Dashboard Management: Publishers receive notifications on their Posticy dashboard regarding different stages of the publication process, such as receiving proposals, accepting or rejecting them, and confirmation of payment deposits.
  6. Financial Transactions: Publishers deal with financial aspects, such as receiving payments for article publications. They are notified when a payment deposit is received and can track the transaction details.
  7. Collaboration with Marketers: Publishers collaborate with marketers to ensure that the published content meets both parties’ expectations.

In summary, a Posticy Publisher is integral to the Posticy ecosystem, playing a pivotal role in content publication and management, decision-making regarding article proposals, and facilitating smooth transactions and communications within the platform.

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