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What is a Posticy Marketer?

A Posticy Marketer is an individual or entity in the Posticy platform who seeks to publish articles on various websites managed by Posticy Publishers. Their role is primarily focused on promoting products, services, or content through these articles. Here are the key responsibilities and activities of a Posticy Marketer:

  1. Submitting Publication Proposals: Marketers initiate the process by submitting proposals for article publications on specific websites. These proposals include details about the article and the intended publication site.
  2. Making Payment Deposits: Once a publication proposal is accepted by a publisher, the marketer is responsible for making a payment deposit to initiate the publication process. This deposit is a crucial step to confirm their commitment and secure the publication slot.
  3. Collaboration with Publishers: Marketers collaborate with publishers to ensure that the article meets both the publication standards of the website and their marketing goals. This includes providing necessary content and guidelines for the article.
  4. Tracking Publication Process: Marketers can track the status of their publication proposals and the publication process through dashboard notifications on the Posticy platform. They are informed about key stages like proposal acceptance, payment confirmation, and the initiation of the publication process.
  5. Receiving Notifications: Marketers receive email and dashboard notifications about the status of their proposals, including whether they are accepted or rejected, and updates on the publication process.
  6. Finalizing Publication: Upon successful publication of the article, marketers receive a notification with the live URL link to the published piece. This marks the completion of their current marketing endeavor on the platform.
  7. Engaging in Communication: Effective communication with publishers is vital for marketers. They need to be proactive in discussing details, clarifying expectations, and resolving any issues that may arise during the publication process.

In essence, a Posticy Marketer is a key player in the Posticy ecosystem, actively engaging in the promotion of content through the network of Posticy Publishers, managing financial transactions for publication slots, and ensuring smooth coordination throughout the publication process.

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