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Understanding Order Statuses for Marketers

Welcome to Posticy, where we empower Marketers like you to collaborate with Publishers and streamline the publication process. To help you navigate this journey, it’s crucial to understand the different status labels associated with your publication proposals and orders. These labels are essential indicators of the progress of your requests:

  • Requested: When you submit a publication proposal to a Publisher, the initial status of your order is “Requested.” At this stage, your proposal is under the Publisher’s consideration, and they are reviewing your article idea to decide whether to proceed.
  • Accepted: If the Publisher accepts your article publication proposal, the order status will change to “Accepted.” This signifies that the Publisher has approved your request, and the next step involves making a payment deposit to move the project forward.
  • Rejected: In cases where the Publisher decides not to proceed with your proposal, the order status will be marked as “Rejected.” This status communicates that your proposal has been declined, and the project will not move forward.
  • In Progress: After your proposal is accepted, and you’ve made the required payment deposit, the order status transitions to “In Progress.” This is the phase where the Publisher is actively working on publishing your article. To facilitate this process, they may click on the “Mark as completed” button once the article is published and share the URL with you.
  • Pending: When the Publisher has shared the published article URL with you, the order status changes to “Pending.” This indicates that you are currently reviewing the published article to ensure it meets your expectations.
  • Revision: If the Marketer requests revisions during the five-day review period, the order will be placed in the “Revision” status. In this case, the Publisher is required to address the Marketer’s specific revision requests while maintaining the original content, anchor text, and target URL.
  • Completed: Once you, as the Marketer, click on the “accept completion” button, the order status transitions to “Completed.” This status signifies the successful completion of the order, indicating that the publication process has been finalized.

Understanding these order statuses is essential for effectively managing your interactions with Publishers and ensuring a smooth publication process. By being familiar with these status updates, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the publication process efficiently.

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