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What is Posticy Marketplace?

The Posticy Marketplace is a platform that facilitates interactions between two primary types of users: Publishers and Marketers. It’s designed to streamline the process of article publication and promotion on various websites. Here’s an overview of its key features and functionalities:

  1. Article Publication Proposals: The marketplace allows marketers to submit proposals to publishers for article publications on their websites. This includes details about the content and objectives of the articles.
  2. Acceptance and Rejection of Proposals: Publishers on the marketplace have the authority to review these proposals and decide whether to accept or reject them based on their relevance, quality, and alignment with their publication standards.
  3. Financial Transactions: The platform handles the financial aspect of these transactions. Once a publisher accepts a proposal, marketers are required to make a payment deposit. This payment is held in escrow by Posticy until the publication process is completed.
  4. Dashboard Notifications: Both publishers and marketers receive notifications on their respective dashboards regarding the status of publication proposals, including submission, acceptance, rejection, and payment deposit confirmation.
  5. Communication Tools: The marketplace provides tools for effective communication between marketers and publishers, ensuring clear understanding and smooth progression of the publication process.
  6. Publication Process Management: After the payment deposit is made, publishers are responsible for publishing the article as per the agreed terms. The marketplace provides tools and guidelines for this process.
  7. Tracking and Reporting: Users can track the status of their articles, view transaction details, and receive regular updates through email notifications and dashboard alerts.
  8. Support and Assistance: The marketplace offers support to both publishers and marketers, helping them navigate through any challenges or questions they might have about the platform and its processes.

In summary, the Posticy Marketplace is a specialized platform designed to connect marketers looking to publish articles with suitable publishers. It offers a streamlined process for proposal submissions, financial transactions, communication, and publication management, all aimed at facilitating effective collaboration between marketers and publishers in the digital content space.

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