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Stripe Account Verification for Publishers

At Posticy.com, your security and financial well-being are our top priorities. We are excited to announce our partnership with Stripe, a leading payment and financial services provider, to ensure secure and hassle-free payments for all our Publishers.

To maintain the security and reliability of our platform, we require all Publishers to verify their accounts before adding any website. Account verification is a simple process that ensures your contributions are protected and your payments are secure.

Why Verify Your Account?

  • Security: Verification helps us protect your account from unauthorised access and ensures the safety of your data.
  • Trust: It builds trust with our community, as users know that all contributors have been verified.
  • Payment Processing: Verified accounts can receive payments smoothly through our secure payment partner, Stripe.

How to Verify Your Account:

  1. Log In: If you haven’t already, log in to your Posticy.com Publisher account.
  2. Verify with Stripe: Go to “My Account” (located on the left sidebar) and click the “Complete Stripe Profile” button to connect your account with our trusted payment partner, Stripe.
  3. Provide Information: Follow the prompts to provide the necessary information for verification. Rest assured, your data is secure with us.

Once your account is verified, you’ll be able to add a website and enjoy the full benefits of our platform.
If you have any questions or encounter any issues during the verification process, our support team is here to assist you. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help.
Thank you for being a valuable member of our community. We appreciate your commitment to quality publishing, and we look forward to seeing your contributions on Posticy.

Why Stripe?

Stripe is trusted by businesses worldwide for its robust payment infrastructure, advanced security measures, and seamless user experience. This partnership allows us to offer you a secure and efficient way to receive payments for your valuable contributions to our marketplace.

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